Austin BeerWorks

Support your local craft brewers. Whether it’s next door or the next town over. These guys and gals pour their heart and souls into the beers they brew for us. 

Austin BeerWorks is a local favorite of mine. I’ve watched these guys grow from a small beginner brewery With 4 taps, into a thriving Mecca of delicious beers. Their happy hour is 4 nights a week, allowing people to come grab a beer or 3 and take the pint glass home with them. With beers from their GABF award winning Peacemaker, Fire Eagle, and Black Thunder, their range of beers is outstanding and makes for a great outing. 

Cheers from Austin, TX!

Worst session IPA yet

So I’m already not a huge fan of session IPAs, as I find many IPAs to be session worthy. A session IPA might as well just be called a Pale Ale… But this Rebel Rider IPA from Samuel Adams is not good; not because it’s not a good beer, but it’s definitely not an IPA. Sam Adams must have accidentally brewed a Belgium beer and stuck it in this bottle… Not being a fan of Belgium beers, it was a very upsetting to take a swig of this and instantly want to spit it out. Fail.

Ballast Point Session IPA

With session IPAs becoming more popular, many craft brewers are jumping on the bandwagon; Stone, Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, and Founders, just to name a few… I love Ballast Point, their Victory at Sea is probably a top 5 favorite craft beer of mine, but they came up short with this one. It has a really solid smell, but lacks the taste to back it up. It’s almost like a dialed back version of the Stone Go-To. Not my favorite, but I’ll enjoy the rest of the sixer.

Dissecting the Craft Beer Snob

Although ive been known to act like a couple of the stereotypes, id definitely say im these 4:

The Evangelist

Brings a few choice selections and a hefty supply of tasting glasses to any social gathering, just hoping to win a couple of converts. What, you weren’t planning on drinking a 15% ABV Russian imperial stout at your nephew’s Christening?

The Sampler

Always asks for a sample at the bar, you know, so he can make an informed decision — aka find some minute defect with it and then ask for something he already knows he likes.

The IBU Freak

He once drank an entire bottle of bitters thinking it was a small flavored soda because he had his glasses off, and didn’t notice. Tim Allen is not-so-secretly his favorite television personality.

The Glassware Obsessive

Wait, did you seriously just pour a Vienna-style lager into a domestic barrel-aged breakfast stout glass? YOU KNOW HE CAN SEE YOU!!!!

My wifes makes fun of me on this last one, as I have a large collection of beer glasses for various beers. People will always poke fun until they actually taste the difference the right glassware makes on various beers.